uploaded fairy


I produce what i write and draw for those between sixteen to thirty two who like books about tomboys, and girls that are not stereotypically feminine. My influences range from edgar allen poe, william gibson, and p.l. travers for the writing world. And Lynn Okamoto, Yukito Kogiro, and other mangaka for sequential art.

My work is set in a dystopian society where japanese and french controlled portions of the united states have been locked in civil war until 2085 a.d. I produce my content in charcoal, sumi painting, and use digital media to present transparent captions. I prefer to draw my comics in landscape format, as I find wide format more natural for me based on my long brush strokes.

My work those seeks to incorporate the best of French and Japanese Sequential Art, while having a uniquely American flavor, with French and Japanese society remaining in the music, cuisine, fashion, literary traditions. these comics i like to call "Bande Dessine Frapanais". I prefer lyrical captions over prosaic ones.

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