Personal Pronouns

Personal pronouns are the pronouns one refers to oneself.

Ne - I
Viyo - You all
Tiyo - You
Niyo - We or Our
Iye - He
Iyesu - Him or his
Eye - She
Eyesa - Her or hers

War Pronouns

These are war pronouns, and used only during the civil war between French and Japanese factional American colonial North American militaries to speed up unit navigation. Iyesuniyo and Eyesaniyo came to refer to those which belonged to Iyeniyo or Eyesaniyo. Therefore they came into disuse.

Iyeniyo - He plural
Iyesuniyo - Him or his plural ( perjorative )
Eyeniyo - She plural
Eyesaniyo - Her or hers plural ( perjorative )