Os Pubaciberos

Os Demogurasfiqos

U Sonenu - Similar to Shounen Manga. Targeted at boys between 13-17.

U Senenu - Similar to Seinin manga. Targeted at men between 18-35.

A Xona - Similar to Shojo manga but with influence from girls magazines in France in the 19th century. Or rather its subversion.

A Nosa - Similar to Josie manga, but whose themes are more likely to be like those of 19th century fashion magazines. For women between 18-35 like Senenu for men.

Os Tonos

Os Eramos - Fraponic dramas. Os Nosfos - Fraponic comedy. Os Eramos Nosfos - Fraponic dramedy.

Os Generos

Os Relisimos - Slice of life fiction with a darker bent.

Os Teconohogicos - Science fiction with a focus on bleeding edge technology.

Os Unirelisimos - Fantasy fiction without magic, and more like magical realism.

Os Horisimos - Horror stories derived from the Mythical hunts of French mythology and Japanese ghosts.

Os Emisiteros - Hard boiled detective stories.

Os Terilos - Spy thrillers and war stories set in Franco-Japanese America.

Sub Genres ( Horror )

Os Horelisimos - Horror stories with mythology removed and focused on the horror real humans do.

Os Horitecohogicos - Horror stories with a focused on technology.

Os Horeterilos - Horror stories with a focus on dynamics similar to spy thrillers.

Os Horemisiteros - Hard boiled horror fiction.

Os Horunirelisimos - Horror fiction of a fantasy fiction dynamic but without magic, usually in magical realism form.

Os Cutonodos - A hyper specific subset of eroguro focused on beheadings exclusively.

Sub Genres ( Unirelisimos )

Os Revotisoranedos - “Dreamweaves”, woven threads of people’s nightmares. Generally overlaps with Horunirelisimos.

Sub Genres ( Teconohogicos )

Os Esoniropos - Technology focused stories about ghosts, aliens, and creatures.

Os Cutenos - Technology focused stories about bugged or bleeding edge gadgets.

  • Os Cutenosenodos - Technology focused stories about bleeding edge technology with plots that end in the MC’s execution.