The traditional music genres, sense blended with French and Japanese music. Dueling music shares simularities with Desgarrada ( or battle royale ) music. All traditional music is played in a mixture of Dorian Mode, Lydian, and Mixolydian and In Scale.

Akodideru - Dueling accordions.
  * Akodidereneros - Dueling accordions with "their back against the wall".

Gitadideru - Dueling guitars.
  * Gitadideruneros - Dueling guitars with "their back against the wall".

Tekunokodi - Electronically enhanced traditional accordion waltz.
  * Takunokodineros - Electronically enhanced final stand accordion waltz.

Takunogita - Electronically enhanced Flamenco guitar.
  * Takenugitaneros - Electronically enhanced "final battle" flamenco guitar.